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New Web Design Toys: Drupal Flag Module

After DrupalCampLA we became very excited about the Drupal Flag Module. It can work as a bookmarking tool within a site, visible to just a single user, or to everyone. It’s beauty is in it’s flexibility. It also integrates well with Views, making it easy to create lists of the most flagged content. We found this could be useful in a couple of common website situations:

  • Directory style websites, where users can register and flag their favorites for easy reference later
  • On robust blogs, the flag could be used as and “I like this” or “I don’t like this” marker on blog posts, giving the blogger feedback on what kind of content is popular and the ability to create a View of content with the most “likes” for new users to reference upon visiting the site
  • Small social networking sites can use the flag module for users to mark which other users are friends.
  • Sites with user-generated content could integrate the flag module with a “mark as offensive” flag, and administrators could then edit or remove offensive content.

Some other great features are: unlimited number of flags, you can create & customize labels and hover text. There is also a javascript based flag toggle, so you can make it super-fancy when a user clicks the flag. You have the ability to flag nodes, pages, blog posts, users or other custom content from CCK. We can’t wait to get this going on a site, and will be sure to post more when we have it up and running.

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