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Ubercart with a Drupal Website Creates An Easy Shopping Cart Solution

Drupal, an open source CMS widely used in web development, has ways to easily enable the construction of all common aspects of a commercial web site, including one of the most important: online shopping. Any organization seeking to sell products and build an associated community via the web, enable paid access to premium content or paid file downloads among other commercial transactions, needs an eCommerce solution. Drupal and Ubercart together make an unbeatable combination for creating and maintaining a sustainable and easy shopping cart.

Ubercart is an open source e-commerce shopping cart solution that allows users to develop shopping carts for their web sites; the technology integrates fully and seamlessly with Drupal for development and maintenance activities. The level of integration allows Drupal and Ubercart to each leverage the power of the other to the advantage of users. This means users have all the easy to use features Drupal is known for, plus the power of shopping carts and online payments.

Both are open-source so they involve no license cost. Both include modules that automate many common functions, thus shortening development. Web developers can integrate Ubercart’s shopping cart functions fully with a Drupal designed site. Ubercart users can take advantage of Drupal’s search engine friendly features, and there are many more significant benefits to using these tools together.

Drupal and Ubercart each encourage users to contribute modules to extend the systems’ core functionality. This means that new and easier to use functions become available to users of both Drupal and Ubercart. It’s almost as if you have a team of developers working for you off payroll. Both Drupal and Ubercart incorporate multiple security functions to ensure that personal data remains safe, thus reducing liability. Using Drupal and Ubercart together, web developers can easily build and maintain flexible, secure, and fully integrated shopping carts for any web site.

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