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Welcome to the Camino! A Website Launched to detail the Pilgrimage of the Camino De Santiago Journey

We at Green Bird Media, a San Diego Web Design company are pleased to announce the recent website launch of: detailing their Epic Journey across Europe for Self Discovery & Church. This great pilgrimage is detailed in a day-to-day journal kept by Bonnie Clapp, while traveling with her husband Nick. They walked 1,100 miles from Central France to Western Spain, and then to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

What follows is different – it is a sample trip for people of a certain age, ability, and inclination. In their late sixties and mid seventies, Bonnie and Nick keep a reasonable pace, as well as shortened distances if they were going across steep (as crossing the Pyrenees) terrain. As for days off, they preferred relatively few, and then only in cities with lots to see or do.

The organization of this websites is set-up like a book using WordPress – a web Development CMS tool. Setting the Parts of this Journey is the proper order and making an easily navigable table of content for this story was the primary goal. To tell and share the story with others was the Primary Goal with this project, so User Experience played a big role in decisions of function and placement. Site-wide Search was the next goal, so we made sure all pages contain a search function.

Until very recently, the Camino’s pilgrims were on in years. In countries across the world the retired were done farming, crafting, or soldiering. For folks who had hardly had time to travel to the next village, it was time now to See and Experience the World beyond. Time for a Great Adventure – as it still is! Don't miss your opportunity to view the sites of the Globe and discover new & old things alike. Go visit for an example of how age didn’t stop this couple from seeing the world.

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