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SEO becoming more laborious and broad

Panda and Penguin have transformed from lovable animals to inescapable algorithms which can flutter anyone using inappropriate content in the website. Online businesses today require SEO experts to implement effective online marketing strategies. A few years back keyword based SEO did the trick but now rich and apt content is also required for brand promotions & customer engagement. SEO is progressively getting complex & extensive, that even the seasoned professionals find difficulty in generating new ideas.


The key aspects of a standard SEO plan include organic searches, content, code and paid search etc. Online businesses face explicit challenges in getting SEO done. In this article we’ll look at some of the common problems, problem indicators and the solutions that cater to them.


Creating the right content

No doubt, content has always been the King and it will remain so. Quality content has always been the most crucial aspect in search engine optimization of any website, and the primary work for upcoming businesses is to keep updating the website with new & fresh content. Panda update penalizes a site using thin site content or brimming with over optimization of keywords, leading to more challenging and time taking techniques to develop new ideas, perform the research work and come up with some profitable content.


Content Marketing

What is the use of a rich content website if it is not visible to the prospects who are searching for it on the web? Content promotion plays its role here to reach the potential customers. By getting connected to your subscribers with the help of social media & E-mails through which they can read, reply and share the content on their own network, it can develop a good promotion strategy to reach your prospects. There are lots of content discovery networks available like Taboola, AdBlade and Outbrain etc. which allow marketers to present their content in front of a very large audience. These networks are growing at a rapid pace and turning out as a valuable approach for marketers promoting their content online.



Focussed Social Media approach

Most of the businesses are using social media these days. An established business is using it to keep people engaged & update their audience with new upcomings in their brand, whereas a small business makes use of social media to establish itself as a brand by spreading awareness, gain the engagement rate & trust of prospects. The ultimate goal of any organisation ends up at the sales and conversions they are gaining through social media platforms. Some of the ways this is done incorporates uploading relevant and updated content, to attain citations from customers to build up the trust, through videos, podcasts, newsletters, apps & attractively designed content that could keep the customer engaged.


Brand Boost

In a recent interview, Matt Cutts of Google presented his views. He said, “Google doesn’t necessarily think about brands, but instead the search engine focuses on trust, authority & reputation”. Brand awareness is the potential of a brand how much it is recognised by its customers, which leads to trust and conversions. All established and small businesses have to manage their reputation on social networks by providing tremendous customer service & timely replying to their queries, coming up with innovations par their expectations.



Handling Information Overload

Making presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. doesn’t put a full stop to your work. In fact, the real test starts here. Just like you, even your competitors must be following the same strategies too. So what keeps you distinct from your competitors that google should keep you ahead of them? To retain yourself in this chase, you have to be consistent with the same SEO approach on content creation of social media posts that was practised on content formation of the web pages. Facebook, Twitter handles billions of searches per day and the current flow doesn’t seem to be changing in the coming days too.


Targeting Mobile users

According to, 25% population in US is using only mobile devices to access the net. Mobile search optimization has become an important aspect for every age of people. Google has already been penalizing the sites which do not furnish good mobile application experience. The rise in number of smartphone users was considered as a big advantage for small businesses looking to grip local consumers to their service. This makes mobile optimization important to every business desiring to be found online.


With the changing trends and Google’s algorithm updates, the structure of Search engine optimization has changed a lot. There is no way to predict what will be on the floor next, but a good business following the white hat SEO strategies will keep up with the coming changes as well.

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