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About Blogs

So what is a blog? It’s shorthand for “web logs.” First popularized by journalists and technorati, blogs have become increasingly popular, but are they of any value? Turns out they are!

What Would I Do With a Blog?

Blogs can promote a new idea or product inexpensively, instantly and widely.

Does Google Care?

Major search directories and search engines such as Yahoo!, Google, and most of the others send out an army of robots/spiders to find fresh and new information that is frequently updated. The more often, the better. Search engines like Google will bookmark a highly trafficked website and return its spider often, which results in more indexed content, which results in higher search engine rankings for you.

Just a CB Craze of This Generation?

Is this just the trucker-induced craze of the CBs? No, blogs are so pervasive that in February 2003, Google bought Blogger, itself a blogging software pioneer. If you are still asking yourself why your business should start a business blog (b-blog), here are a few considerations:

  1. If you have information to share with customers
  2. You enjoy writing
  3. You would like a high-ranking website
  4. You need to establish industry credibility
  5. You would like to Increase cross-linking with other relevant sites
    (also increases your website ranking)

Part of a Winning Communication Campaign

Blogs are an excellent form of communication but should not be your sole form. They are part of a winning combination of branding, identity development, printed collateral, website, email campaign and a blog.

Business blogs communicate information and ideas to your prospects and customers, while at the same time helping your website rank more highly in the search engines.

To be really successful, a business first needs to have its website properly optimized by a professional search engine optimization (SEO) firm, one that knows search engines and truly understands your specific business needs. If you need some suggestions, we work with some excellent SEO firms.

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