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About Copy & Content

We strongly advise clients to carefully evaluate their ability to produce and edit content. Our past experience shows that this is the single largest delay of website development. Here are some common mistakes:

  1. Expecting one person to write, revise and proof web copy
  2. Poor grammar
  3. Lacking clarity of the audience that will be reading: donor, grantor, prospect, etc.
  4. Being unaware of the time actually needed for producing copy
  5. Revising and editing AFTER text has been submitted

As a result of #5 we have found it necessary to stipulate that copy will only be entered onto the website one time with future amendments subject to additional charges.

Although you are the expert in your area of endeavor, here are some pointers on writing good content:

  1. Web content is brief and to the point
  2. It is written in journalistic style: the first paragraph tells all the important facts
  3. Accessibility, usability, and SEO are important factors
  4. If multiple contributors from your organization are planned, a style guide is essential
  5. Create a schedule for content that is realistic
  6. Consider budgeting a professional copywriter for editing, cleanup and other best practices

This may be a helpful article from one of our favorite websites:

  1. A List Apart: Articles: The Cure for Content-Delay Syndrome
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