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Green Bird Media debuts “The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology”

Green Bird Media is excited to announce the debut of yet another non-profit Drupal web design. The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology's new web site is now available to the public. The web presence encourages web visitors to stick around, explore the site, and come back often. Besides looking beautiful, the site's interactive and … Read more

International Model United Nations Association Launches Drupal Web Site with Green Bird Media

The International Model United Nations Association educates young people about global issues by hosting three Model United Nations simulations across the United States. IMUNA has teamed up with Green Bird Media to turn their web site into a platform that manages these complex projects efficiently and accurately. IMUNA's young participant base is accustomed to online … Read more

IMUNA Chooses Green Bird Media to Launch New Drupal Developed Website

International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) Chooses Green Bird Media to Launch New Drupal Developed Website   Young global activists stay connected through IMUNA’s new website, recently unveiled by Green Bird Media, a company noted for their dedication to excellence in support of a good cause.   SAN DIEGO, CA – May 24, 2010 – … Read more

Commerce Department Uses Drupal for Web Site Design

Commerce Department Uses Drupal for Web Site Design One of the best aspects of the new Internet culture is that a shared sense of community can lead to programs, products, and services that are greater than the sum of their parts. This is most certainly the case with Drupal web development tools. The Drupal web … Read more

Drupal 6 Websites, Drupal Designers, SEO Friendly Web Design.

Green Bird Media, 619*393*6680, is a leader in Drupal 6 websites . We have been designing and developing websites with the Drupal CMS for about four years and we have been in business since 2004. Our Drupal designers develop nonprofit web design solutions, web design for churches, and logo design in San Diego for small … Read more

Drupal is the Non Profit Organization’s Web Design & Development Solution

Why Drupal is a Logical Web Design & Development Solution for Your Non Profit Organization A non-profit organization's web site needs to do many things: attract attention to the organization and its mission; inform visitors of new developments; and apprise constituents of progress toward shared goals. But the site must avoid siphoning off critical resources … Read more

Green Bird Media SEO – SEO for Drupal Web Sites

Green Bird Media – San Diego SEO services Green Bird Media, 858-863-3504, is located at 563 Florida Ave #202 HERNDON, VA 20170. We have been a leading Drupal web development and website design team for years. Through the growing requests of our clients, both nonprofit and business alike we are now providing “on page” SEO … Read more

Drupal Website Process: Why You’re Losing the Best Web Development Talent

Nationally, we spend 250 billion dollars on software development. Yet 83% of these projects are canceled, late and/or over-budget. –James P. Lewis, “Fundamentals of Project Management” We receive RFPs (requests for proposals) on a weekly basis. The majority are awful, and the tragedy is that a poor RFP creates confusion, clutter and cost. A poor … Read more

Obama Administration Releases Drupal Open Source Coding

The Obama administration has held a long term plan, to present their online presence as more owner and user friendly, by switching to the Drupal content management system last year, and dropping their proprietary system, therefor increasing usability. Taking this plan a step further, the administration, on Wednesday, released some of its custom code “to … Read more

Sleep Apnea Help Center- Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Watch PAT Home Test has educational information about the signs and symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and the less common Central Sleep Apnea. At least 20 million Americans, or 20-30% of the population suffers from OSA, and a great many cases -an estimated 80%- never get diagnosed. The consequences of OSA can be quit serious and can … Read more

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